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Military Spouse Day, Mother's Day, and more good news for you today! It's like the weekend celebration will never end!

Today Salute To Spouses would like to announce a new partnership with Mom Corps, an award-winning career development firm that has agreed to help military spouses kick-start their careers. Mom Corps shares our commitment to support military spouses as they grow their career and educational goals.

Today, It Really Is All About You

Today, ladies, take a bow.

It is National Military Spouses Day.

Do You Want To Be A Writer?

No experience needed.

You read correctly. None. Nada. Zip. Zero.

Of course, we might have to edit the heck out of you and send you a complimentary dictionary. Nah, just kidding. Ok, maybe.

But, we are not kidding about the writing part. Salute to Spouses is for military spouses, written by military spouses. And we want you to have the chance to tell your story.

Summer Equals Sun and Dangerous Weather

After a very long winter under a blanket of frozen snow we are all busting at the seams to lather on sunscreen and don our bathing suits.

You’ve probably already started buying beach gear, the latest summer styles and even plopped a bucket of flowers on your front porch.

So why haven’t you devoted the same amount of thought and time into prepping for when that summer sun turns to violent summer storms?

Battling Bare

Did you happen to see the pictures of naked military spouses who are trying to draw attention and support for soldiers battling PTSD?

Don't worry about the tech talk: just change your password

I am not the most tech savvy person. But what I learned about the 'Heartbleed' security flaw that scorched the internet this week terrified even me.

If you didn't hear, there was a major, online security breech that basically put the majority of the information on the internet up for grabs for cybercriminals who knew how to access it.

A Job Haunting We Will Go

Best. Teenage. Job. Ever.

As a junior in high school I spent my October working in a haunted house. Every Friday and Saturday night I diligently applied globs of hair gel and aqua net to my curly locks in an attempt to make them stand on end, painted my face white and donned the tattered, "blood-stained" duds of Dracula's bride.

They paid me to make people scream. That part was awesome.

I can tell you how to get, how to get to Sesame Street

One of the best perks of being a military family are attending the free shows that the USO sends on tour every year.

While many of the artists are intended for the adults, the USO has a very special relationship with some characters who live on the most famous street in the world.

Budget woes, theirs and ours

Last week Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel announced a massive reduction in the number of furlough days that were necessary to help close the budget gap brought on by sequestration. He also announced that commissaries would no longer be closed on Mondays.

Don't celebrate yet. Did you read the follow-on news?

There's still a budget shortfall. Congress has to cut another $52 billion from the 2014 fiscal budget, beginning Oct. 1. Then, every year for the next eight years Congress needs to cut another $50 billion. The Department of Defense is squarely in their sights.

Commissary Chaos

Aisle after aisle my husband stopped to chit chat with co-workers he hadn't seen in months, some of them years.


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