Practice vs. Habit

By Amy Nielsen

Practice versus habit. That is the topic today. I recently started a yoga practice. I am also trying to stop the habit of smoking. Why is one called a practice and one called a habit? Why does one have a positive connotation and one negative? Can I change my habit with a different intention, a different word? Can I practice stopping smoking? Should yoga become a habit?

In exploring words lately, I realize that the intention behind the word is the key. So I went to look at the definition of practice and habit.

Online vs Campus Learning

By Jenna Moede

As military spouses, we face even more difficult decisions about college than most people.  Often times we have to make decisions not only based on where we currently live but also on where we could live. 

This makes deciding on the right college even more difficult.  And, we have to choose not just a school but whether to attend on campus or online.

I have attended college both on campus and online, and I want to share the good, the bad and the ugly of both choices.

To the Beat of Your Own Drum – Does Music Help You Study?

If you crank the tunes when you hit the books, you may be giving yourself a mental boost. While studies on the effects of music on the brain abound, there’s also a wide range of findings. But the research seems to support at least one key benefit: music tends to help people stick with a project.

The College Spouse: No more teachers, no more books … for the kids

‘I don’t want to go to summer school!’

I cannot believe that at 38 years old, I am saying this.

I also cannot believe that I am envious of my two kids because they are enjoying their summer vacation, and here I am, taking two classes.  Granted only one class is a sit down class and meets once a week, and one is an online class, but still. I want my summer off too!

The College Spouse: Just Do It

One of the most common excuses I hear when I ask spouses why they don’t go back to school is, ‘I am too old to go back’. Why do people do this to themselves? Why do they think they are too old to do anything?

The College Spouse: The wandering world of the military spouse student

 I am the perpetual student. That’s honestly how I feel sometimes. I began my journey towards my bachelor’s degree in 2004. Yes folks, eight years ago, and I am still in school. Thanks to PCS’s I had the task of completing different requirements at the different colleges as I transferred. Not to mention, I changed my major twice. It all adds up to a degree that seems to be taking forever.

Spouse Spotlight: Balancing Kids, Deployments, Education and Career: Spouse Lynette Holly Masters the Art of Having it All

When Lynnette Holly told her children to go find a quiet activity to do while she completed her homework, her request was rebuffed.

Instead of understanding the grind of daily homework, her children demanded to know, why it wasn’t finished. After all, they did theirs upon arriving home from school that day.

Lynnette’s answer was simple.

“Because if I sat in front of the computer all day, no food would get cooked, no laundry would get done, nothing else would happen,” she said.

Marines Restore Tuition Assistance

 Hell hath no fury like a student whose tuition assistance has been yanked.

In October of 2011, the Marine Corps slashed the amount of money students were given each semester and drastically cut the number of classes they could take each year.

The Marines have since done an about face and restored all tuition assistance levels to those that existed before the cuts.

More Education Benefits Coming for Older Veterans

Lawmakers are attempting to find jobs for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans as well as those from previous conflicts by offering incentives to employers and more education benefits to vets.

The president signed The Vow to Hire Heroes Act in November as a means of continuing to care for the nearly 900,000 unemployed veterans in the U.S.

The act also aims to improve the economy by rewarding businesses who hire veterans.

Spouse Spotlight: Meet Jennetta Hill

For nine years, Jennetta Hill has been proud to call herself an Army wife. The mother of two is currently attending Bryant & Stratton College Online as a Salute to Spouses scholarship recipient and resides at Fort Drum, NY with her family. 

Tell us about your journey through military life.

I met my spouse in my hometown of Ashland, KY. We have been married for 9 years, and have two beautiful children, Megan 17, and Xaiver 3. Our journey through military life has landed us here at Fort Drum, NY and through one deployment in Iraq.


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