New Report on the Health of Military Wives

By Christine Cioppa

A recent report’s introductory line says what every military family member already knows: “The families of military personnel are a resilient group of men, women, and children who endure many hardships for their country.”

What most people don’t know is how those hardships may harm the health of military children and spouses.

Managing Stress with Alcohol Can Cause More Stress!

By Christine Cioppa

Nearly half of active duty service members regularly chug four or five drinks at a time, qualifying as “binge drinkers.”

Be Healthy: Home Remedies for Colds and Congestion

By Christine Cioppa

Finals are here. The holidays are here. Who has time for a doctor’s visit?

Earlier this year, I spoke with naturopath Orna Izakson, ND, RH (AGH), who told me about easy home remedies to help fight colds and congestion. One of her recipes is very simple—a garlic and onion broth.

“If you think about the stereotypical prescription of chicken soup for cold or flu, the base of chicken soup is not the chicken; it is the onions and garlic,” Dr. Izakson says. “Onions and garlic are amazing for immune support.”

Be Healthy! Two Ways to Boost Health and Happiness

By Christine Cioppa   

Once a year many people take a special moment to appreciate what they have. It feels good to get together with family and/or friends and go around the table and give thanks. But when the turkey leftovers are long gone and that spirit of thankfulness slips from the foreground of our minds, thoughts of gratitude can be replaced with thoughts of to-do lists, everyday happenings and whatever annoyances that arise.

10 Minutes of Yoga a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

By Christine Cioppa

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Now new research shows that regularly performing mind-body relaxation techniques (e.g., yoga, meditation, prayer) may also keep your physician away.

The study, published by PLOS, shows that patients who received mind-body training to build resilience and counter stress, were 43 percent less likely to need health care services.

Be Healthy: Best Foods for Learning

Do you regularly reach for a candy bar to get through your classes or studies? You’re on to something. “Simply eating a snack or small meal that provides a combination of carbs, protein and fats helps the brain function,” explains Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Spokesperson Jen McDaniel, MS, RDN, CSSD, LDN.

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