Tired of your duty station? Try to look at it through fresh eyes and appreciate every day

I just returned last week from visiting Wyoming. It was our first duty station, and it felt weird to be back. Plus, I needed the break from constantly thinking about school! I am still doing my best and meeting my mini goals, but this class is even tougher than I had anticipated and to be honest, I’m questioning my own success right now. So, I happily welcomed a little vacation.

Welcome back our student writer, Jenna Moede

By Jenna Moede

Hello! I feel thrilled to be back writing again and look forward to sharing the military life experience and college student experience with everyone again after being gone for so long.

Last year my husband, an active duty airman, received orders to PCS from Wyoming to Oklahoma. The orders excited us, but they also surprised us too. We had been told we would stay in Wyoming for a while so we felt shocked when they came.

I’m a military spouse, I got this

By Amy Nielsen

So unless you live under a rock, you know this week was the longest full lunar eclipse in forever. Full moons are notorious for sending people off the deep end. This was bound to be an interesting weekend for sure.

It is the last weekend of the term at school and we are all busily stuffing BS into papers and cramming our brain cells with knowledge that will come out only at the least appropriate moment in the future like while trying to remember that nice lady’s name.

It’s all a blur and I can’t remember what I wrote an hour ago much less yesterday.

To our fellow military spouse, rest in peace

If you have been stationed in Honolulu, you may know the story of Mary, the homeless woman who camped outside of the JIOC building near Pearl Harbor, often protected from the sun by only an umbrella and an American flag.

She yelled at passing cars. She yelled at the building. But mostly she just sat there and waited.

On the road again, but this time without military orders - a chance to live the life we love

By Amy Nielsen

We made a huge decision as a family over the last week. We set the date to move into our RV and live on the road full time.

We have been working towards this goal since retirement from the Navy five years ago. We knew it would take a bit to organize ourselves and our stuff into a position where we could begin to think about this for real.

Ritual Rites of Passage

By Amy Nielsen

I am exceptionally proud of myself and I thought I would share it with you all. I have been working very hard over last two years to complete a study at home correspondence course with a well-known herb school. It is an intense study and requires presence, forethought, and definite attention to intention to complete.

Bloom where you are planted

By Amy Nielsen

HOLY WOW that was fun!

Yesterday in the beautiful, fresh, rain-washed, summer sun, I taught my first public class.

I organized it through our County Beautification volunteer organization. They typically host classes about gardening but were looking for a way to branch out to healthy living too. My class was about eating rainbows daily through colorful foods.

Working for the greater good.

By Amy Nielsen

We are on the eve of Election Day here in the U.S. Normally, I talk about the human side of getting a business off the ground. Today I want to talk about where your business fits into the greater good. This is not going to be a discussion of the U.S. election. It is a discussion about our role as global citizens.

Congrats! You’re a Military Spouse, Now What?

By Jenna Moede

I remember packing up the minivan that my parents gave me for college and driving out to meet my fiancé for our courthouse wedding.  I had this really pretty picture in my head about how easy married military life would be. 

Coming from a family with many service members, I thought I knew what to expect. But, I’ve dealt with a few twists along the way to my perfect picture.

Expect imperfections 

Meet Our New Blogger: She Wants You to Meet Your Education and Career Goals

By Jenna Moede

I know a lot of military spouses would introduce themselves as, a military spouse. But I like to tell people I’m a writer and a teacher, before I mention my husband’s career. 

I have built my own identity, and when people ask me about myself, I make it a point to talk about myself. It was something that was really hard to do, at first. While I’m proud of my husband’s active duty Air Force service, my role as his spouse doesn’t define me. I have many accomplishments and goals that are my own.


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