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The last American soldiers have left Iraq. That is excellent news. The problems have just begun at home. The war is over, the battle is not. Salute to Spouses will address the challenges and successes of military families as they move beyond the war in Iraq. We will connect our readers with experts who can answer questions and help military families rebuild their relationships and their lives.

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Homecoming is an exciting and emotional time with family and friends. See other Salute to Spouses pictures and read about the Homecoming process. Upload your photos to our Flickr account, or view the gallery.
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Title Author Date
Websites We Love: Build A SignHomecoming! Time to write all over the windows of your car and drape decorated bedsheets across the front of the house... Allison Perkins April 7, 2014
Build Your Memory PalaceWhen Ron White returned from Afghanistan, the Naval Reservist and memory expert felt like most Americans had no idea... Kerry McGinley March 31, 2014
Sarah's Sweet Soldier Makes Surprise Visit HomeFor the past nine months, we've had the pleasure of following Sarah B. Young and her three children each week as they... Morgan Seegert December 12, 2012
Veterans Upward Bound: Low-income veterans prep for college through free federal programsJeremy Killingsworth says all he could see for two miles from his father’s home in Texas was another dirt road, another... Kerry McGinley October 22, 2012
Know Your Limits: Are you – or is he – among the rising number of service members abusing alcohol?What’s a normal night of social drinking – two, three, four drinks? According to the National Institute on Alcohol... Kerry McGinley August 8, 2012
Medical colleges work together to help military families suffering PTSD Eduardo Casas struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder for years. The Vietnam veteran and former Marine remembers... Jennifer See, MA June 19, 2012
Government internships give injured service members work experienceWartime injuries often don’t just put service members out of a job, they change the course of their lives. Military... Samantha Carroll June 11, 2012
When the Post-Homecoming Honeymoon EndsLike so many other military families, the Englens are seasoned pros when it comes to deployments. Tina estimates her... Kerry McGinley May 15, 2012
Wounded Troops Find Help for Their HomesAs of January, 2012, roughly 30,490 U.S. service members have been wounded due to combat actions in Iraq and 2,309 in... Samantha Carroll May 2, 2012
Training Therapists to Help Military Families: USC Program Focuses on Bridging the Civilian-Military Gap in Mental HealthThe mental health of service members continues to make headlines. Speculation abounds as to what pushed an Army... Kerry McGinley April 25, 2012
Puppy Love:Pets Need Help Reconnecting After Deployment,Too In a recent YouTube clip of a returning soldier reuniting with his dog Gracie, it is clear she is emotional. In the... Kerry McGinley April 13, 2012
Help for Wounded Warrior CaregiversFor years, Duane Kozlowski’s debilitating medical problems were incorrectly diagnosed. In 1996, he suffered massive... Kerry McGinley March 23, 2012
VA for Vets: The VA has launched a new program to help former service members find jobsYou probably know it best as the agency that former service members rely on for health care and support once they’ve... Kerry McGinley March 12, 2012
Riding On – Horses Give Veterans Mental and Physical Strength When a young Marine amputee recently came to Lift Me Up! Therapeutic Riding Center in Great Falls, Va., he said he’d... Kerry McGinley March 1, 2012
Homecoming HelpIt’s easy to say, ‘I’ve done this before.’ It’s easy to say, ‘I’m accustomed to my soldier husband coming and going... Allison Perkins March 1, 2012
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