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The College Spouse: PCS Waits for No One

PCS moves are a hassle. They are even more so when the move happens during a college semester.

During our last move, we were given orders just three months before my husband’s report date. I was in the middle of a semester. Chaos ensued.

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In the last six months, two of my husband’s friends have taken their own lives.

These men, his brothers in arms, had both lived full careers that each spanned more than 20 years. They were excellent soldiers and both had risen through the ranks to the top of their career fields.

Both were within a few years of retiring.

Deployment Soundtrack: Part of Me
Part of Me

Katy Perry, 2012

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I am a runner.

We Heart Military Bloggers

Our favorite blog of the month:

Google the words, “military blogs” and your search casts a very wide net: 874,000,000 hits strong.

The Department of Defense once tried to shut down military blogs in the heat of the Iraq War. Now, even the DOD has a blogger.

Family stories, military style

Typical, favorite family stories involve visits with loving grandparents, trips to amusement parks and Christmas dinners.

Favorite military family stories usually are in far-flung locations, away from extended family and often involve some type of military movement, jargon or equipment.

As PCS season swiftly approaches and many of you are prepping for moving day, I want to share with you my family’s favorite story and tale of a PCS gone woefully wrong.


Deployment Soundtrack: Beautiful Boy 2.0
Beautiful Boy

John Lennon, 1980

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April is Autism Awareness month as well as the Month of the Military Child and I am proud to say that I have both of those causes rolled up into one of the cutest packages I have ever seen. My littlest sweet boy may be diagnosed as having Autism Spectrum Disorder, but he is just as resilient as any other neuro-typical kid I have encountered.

Homefront Spouse: While daddy is gone, mommy will … survive!

Tomorrow my husband leaves for the first time in over a year. A year ago, and with one less kid, this would have been easy.  But, after having a baby during a deployment and going through numerous, month-long trainings during our son’s first year, a week away is bound to feel like one really long day.  

Could you just go already?

We have less than a month now before our fourth deployment begins.  The anticipation is nearly eating me alive. 

I’m up at 2 a.m., trying to memorize what his breathing sounds like, trying to mentally carve the image of him sleeping next to me into my memory. I know, soon enough, he’ll be gone, and these hard-fought memories will start to fade. 

Deployment Soundtrack: Dirty Laundry
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