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Navy Cookbook Contest

I would absolutely be lying if I said I didn’t love military contests. There are so many, almost too many, to keep up with on the webpages for the commissary, the library, the gym, etc. And often, there are not a lot of entries, which makes your chance of winning even better.

Spouse, mom, volunteer!

For a split second, I feared for our lives.

My husband, toddlers and I were hunkered down in a tent for a weekend campout. My older son was in his own mini-tent. Six Girl Scouts, including my daughter, were split into two small tents, just footsteps from ours.

Deployment Soundtrack: Welcome home, Bill

Readers, please join me in welcoming home Sarah Young’s husband, Bill, and all the soldiers who are finally in the arms of their loved one this week.

Homefront Spouse:Calming the PCS Panic

Winter on the East Coast has not been kind to our family.

In the last two months we have been hit with the flu, stomach bugs and every respiratory illness in the book. This is my first cold and flu season with two kids and I am now officially a pro at getting a puking kid to the bathroom while simultaneously using one hand to give a squirmy baby a breathing treatment.  

Balancing Act

My husband is due to deploy in the next couple of months and I am desperately seeking some kind of plan - a roadmap to cling to. 

This is our fourth deployment. 

Budget cuts hit home

Do you feel it yet?

The cuts to the DOD budget after sequestration have begun to trickle down to military families.

Last week the Army and Marines announced a freeze in tuition assistance for military members.

No more money for college. None. Need those credits for your promotion points? Oh well.

This week the Air Force followed suit.

In Hawaii the command has announced that base changes due to the cuts will be posted in next week’s base newspaper. I can hardly wait.

Deployment Soundtrack: Jesus Take the Wheel
Jesus Take the Wheel

Carrie Underwood, 2005

Preview Song

For me, the last .2 miles of any race is the hardest. I want it to be over. I can see the finish line and I begin to push myself harder than I have throughout the entire race.

The same can be said of deployment.

I have found myself in the last week trying to take on much more than I have all deployment!

It takes a military village to make a mother

We had our second baby last month. Two whole days after our due date, in fact.

I spent February doing almost nothing but anticipating our second daughter’s birth.

She was just four days old, nursing in my lap, and I was on the phone with our FRG president discussing ways to help another wife who had had a baby the same day as me.

Retirement, time to buy your own home!

I hate white walls.

I know that white, Crate & Barrel style homes are all the rage. And yeah, they’re pretty. But I, like many military spouses, have been required to keep white walls for the last decade.

Army housing does not allow paint. Heck, when we moved in to our Army housing in Hawaii the government agent asked us to please not hang pictures on the walls.

Asleep at the Wheel

Government furloughs are here. And suddenly, everyone is screaming.

So, what have you been doing since the plan was announced, months ago, signaling the coming of this day? 


And that’s what Americans, especially military spouses, seem to be good at.


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