Purpose redefined

By Amy Nielsen

I spent the weekend away from all things reality in the land of Faeries among dear, far flung friends in a land we lived in a lifetime ago.

To do so, I had to complete all of last week’s assignments for my master’s program by Thursday morning. Pushing through the early mornings and late nights afforded me the peace of mind and freedom of spirit to truly enjoy myself. This weekend away happened to coincide with my midterm exams this week.

I needed the brain break.

Communicate with your support network

By Jenna Moede

I talked about creating a support network recently and the benefits you will reap from it, but you have a couple of must do tasks to keep your end of the bargain when it comes to the support network.  

First, you can't just expect everyone you have chosen to know what you need from them, how to support you, or when you need help.  

Communicate with your support network. While I have really close relationships with everyone I have personally chosen, they can't read my mind.  

Coddiwompling to a Degree

By Amy Nielsen

Coddiwomple (v.) - To travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.

The Urban Dictionary. I am beginning to believe a master’s program is designed to allow one the space to coddiwomple along in interesting topics with real world implications towards an eventual narrowing of focus upon reaching that vague destination of graduation.

Sweet Mother Mary what have I gotten myself into?

By Amy Nielsen

Week three of my master’s of science degree program and I have hit the “Oh sweet Mary Mother of all that is holy, what on Earth have I gotten myself into?” phase of freshman life.

Between the crash course in online scholarly research and APA citations, coordinating all of the class syllabi dates with my already busy life, and an organic chemistry professor who prefers the shotgun method of online instruction – I might just lose my ever-loving mind.

Week one went something like this - “Where are my classes and how do I know what to learn?”

Labor Day classes start

By Amy Nielsen

Nothing like stepping off the proverbial master’s degree cliff into your next career step - on Labor Day.

While I just completed a year-long, online certificate program, this beginning feels so much bigger. I am embarking on something I had no idea I would ever in a million years need to do, let alone want to do. I am so stoked for this educational adventure it makes me giggle.

Choosing a school for my master’s degree

By Jenna Moede

We have already covered how I narrowed down my potential Master's degree options, but while I did that, I had to narrow down universities as well.  

Choosing my Master’s Degree, Wisely

By Jenna Moede

I already told you all one of my secrets that I keep locked away - that I messed up my first go-round on my Master’s degree. Coming from the top of my class in high school and a Dean’s List student in college, it hurt, but I also learned how to choose a path that, this time, will help me reach my goals.

I realized that when it comes to choosing a degree, I didn’t have to see all my high school and college friends as competitors. Instead, they could help me and guide me.

Minor Master’s Disaster

By Jenna Moede

I told you all that I will head back for my Master’s this fall which I feel really excited about, but I’ve had a really hard time making that decision. 

See, I messed up my path to my Master’s degree in the past and since then I have totally shied away from going back.  

I know I want my Master’s, and I feel confident this time that I chose the right program to study, but I still feel like my confidence has taken a hit because of what happened before.  

Staying Motivated in an Online Program

By Christine Cioppa


We all choose online learning for different reasons. Behind that decision is a motivating factor, most often a career-related one and sometimes a personal one.

Experts are studying why some of us gut it out, and why some of us quit or put it off -- for what seems indefinitely -- until we finally stick it out and achieve completion in our certificate or degree program.

What is known, though, are things to watch out for – things that can shake our motivation to the core or throw us off track.

Carpe Diem!

By Jenna Moede

Seize the day, right? I’ve heard it a million times as I know you probably have too, but I agree with it when it comes to college.

People get so hung up on the concept of time when they decide whether to go back to school. They have so many concerns and fears that it becomes overwhelming and ultimately, they decide not to pursue their degree.

But timing doesn’t have to control everything.


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