Working for the greater good.

By Amy Nielsen

We are on the eve of Election Day here in the U.S. Normally, I talk about the human side of getting a business off the ground. Today I want to talk about where your business fits into the greater good. This is not going to be a discussion of the U.S. election. It is a discussion about our role as global citizens.

Congrats! You’re a Military Spouse, Now What?

By Jenna Moede

I remember packing up the minivan that my parents gave me for college and driving out to meet my fiancé for our courthouse wedding.  I had this really pretty picture in my head about how easy married military life would be. 

Coming from a family with many service members, I thought I knew what to expect. But, I’ve dealt with a few twists along the way to my perfect picture.

Expect imperfections 

Meet Our New Blogger: She Wants You to Meet Your Education and Career Goals

By Jenna Moede

I know a lot of military spouses would introduce themselves as, a military spouse. But I like to tell people I’m a writer and a teacher, before I mention my husband’s career. 

I have built my own identity, and when people ask me about myself, I make it a point to talk about myself. It was something that was really hard to do, at first. While I’m proud of my husband’s active duty Air Force service, my role as his spouse doesn’t define me. I have many accomplishments and goals that are my own.

Lessons Learned from Military Wifehood

I was young when I married my soldier, a week before my 23nd birthday. I would also say that I was confident, positive, energetic, and just a little clueless. I loved life and couldn’t wait to grab it by the horns.

Not much has changed about me since then, or at least I like to think. But there are a few important lessons I learned along the way that helped me build on who I was and become who I am.

The ten most important lessons I’ve learned as a military spouse, in no particular order:

Sticking with My Strengths

So, we’ve talked about my deep-seated hatred of group projects, right? And if we have, I’m sure I’ve also mentioned that 75 percent of my classes this semester include group work.


One of those classes revolves around database management. Now, those are words that I understand individually. Hell, I even understand what they mean as a combination.

Military Spouse is not Always the Title that Defines Us Best

There are some circles in which I am not a military wife.

My children and I participate in an alternative learning cooperative once a week. It’s located 40 minutes from my house and the base my husband’s command deploys from.

I joined this summer, and I teach a journalism class to high school homeschooling students.

My girls take a preschool science lab, art and sensory classes, plus other fun, play-based educational classes.

We love it there.

Cool Jobs: Embroidering and Sewing Entrepreneur

How could you not love Etsy? So many fabulous, creative, handmade items in one place. Like a craft fair without the lines and bad parking.

I ordered a garden flag last winter and immediately looked up the artist on Facebook once the product arrived. I wanted to give her a big, online "like" and a thank you for the prompt delivery. I was pleased as punch to learn from her profile that my super cute new flag was also born of the imagination and creativity of a military spouse.

A Life With Military Spouse Friends is a Love Like No Other

I wake up to a few text messages every morning.

“Want coffee? I’m hitting Dunkin’ Donuts before I see you at school.”

One message often reads, “Going to the store. Need anything?”

And sometimes, I’ll get the ever-necessary, “The kids are driving me crazy.  Wanna make pizzas and watch movies at my house tonight?  Better than being alone.”

Last week, I had a fellow military spouse invite me over for a playdate and give me her own bed to nap in while she watched the kids and popped popcorn, knowing I was pregnant, tired, and over deployment that week.

We’re Our Own Army of One

Editor's note: Friday is Military Spouse Appreciation Day. We count down with a blog each day from our own dedicated staff members as they recount why they love this crazy life.

A few weeks ago, I asked my co-family readiness group leader (who happens to be a man) what his favorite thing about being an Army spouse is.

His answer was a long drink of coffee and giving me the slow blink.

The Military Spouse Life - The Best of Times, The Worst of Times and Everything Between

Editor's note: Friday is Military Spouse Appreciation Day. We count down with a blog each day from our own dedicated staff members as they recount why they love this crazy life.


I sat down at my computer a few days ago to tell you why I love being a military spouse. I wrote something about the opportunities this life has given me, and the people I have met and the friends I have made.

And then, I threw it out.


For Military Spouses
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