Military Children need supported by everyone, including the civilian community

Two million children have had a parent deploy since 2001.

Hear me as I speak. Two. Million.

That number is staggering. That is two million children who have watched a parent walk away never knowing if they would see them again.

That is two million children who have stayed up at night worrying about their parent.

That is two million children who have caught a glimpse of the news or hushed words of an explosion, a helicopter crash, a battle and sat anxiously, wondering if their parent was still alive.

Tricare benefits are changing

On Jan. 1, 2018 the three current Tricare regions will combine to form just two regions, meaning military families may face delays in enrollment or be assigned new primary care managers.

Tricare members in the north and south regions will become part of the new Tricare East Region, managed by Humana Military. Members currently west region will remain in the west region, managed by Health Net Federal Services, LLC.

Space between military and civilian work can help recharge military families

“Terminal leave” is the time that a service member is allowed to take off duty at the end of his or her career. It’s typically a combination of regular accrued leave and permissive TDY.

The military grants that time so that retiring personnel can search for jobs or move to a new home. But instead of using terminal leave to settle into a way of life, some couples and families turn it into the adventure of a lifetime.

Know Your Support Services for Suicide Prevention

By Salute to Spouses Staff 

A new study suggests that suicide attempts within a military unit may lead to more.

This summer CNN reported that a study in the JAMA Psychiatry journal found that a suicide attempt by one individual in a unit is often followed by more attempts by other members of that unit. 

Military Benefits After a Hurricane: What You Need to Know

By Salute to Spouses staff


Thousands of military members have been evacuated from Texas, Georgia and Florida for Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Many have and will return home to destruction.

As families try to assess the damage, salvage what they can and return to a new normal, there is lots of help in place from military organizations. Here is a rundown of information from Blue Star Families and

Evacuation Entitlements

Military Family Services May be Slow to Re-Hire After Freeze

Despite an end to the federal hiring freeze earlier this month, services for military families may remain in limbo, and even suspended.

When the federal government placed a freeze on all federal hiring in late January, the Department of Defense was allowed to hire only new military members to send to individual service boot camps.

Tricare Improves Mental Health and SUD Coverage

By Christine Cioppa

The Department of Defense (DoD) has essentially said “We got your six!” with the passing of a new rule that improves mental health care access and expands treatment for alcohol, drug and pain pill use disorders.   

The Grief of Miscarriage

By Christine Cioppa


“Maybe your baby is watching over you now,” consoled a family member.

 I thought I had a reason to be confident about my last pregnancy. A heartbeat, however faint, was picked up at 6.5 weeks. I was elated.

Clinton Campaign Announces Plans to Assist Military Families

Yesterday Hillary Clinton’s campaign reached out to military members and their spouses, outlining the changes she would implement to help make military family life easier.

The Military Times reported that Clinton’s campaign released a 23-point “Military Families Agenda”.

According to the Military Times, the document addresses:

Military Family Survey Does Matter

Have something important you want to tell the three-star general?

Maybe something along the lines of how benefit cuts are hurting your family?

Don't ring his doorbell, take the annual survey sponsored by Blue Star Families.

This is more than a random survey, this is one of the documents that the general, as well as DOD policy makers and politicians use to decide how funds will be allocated and what programs will be kept or cut.


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