Conferences and Comfort Zones

By Amy Nelson

This past weekend, I attended a midsize conference for the vocational training school I am currently enrolled in. I was not quite sure what to expect.

In the past, I have attended more than a few conferences, of various sizes, in many different industries. Since I have worked the logistical side of a conference before, that gave me the confidence to attend as a participant. But academic conferences can be a different ball of wax altogether. However, being a for-profit school, this wasn’t exactly an academic conference, as such.

Military Spouse Life Prepares You for School and Employment

By Jenna Moede

I have heard military spouses say that they don’t feel qualified to find a job or start school. Some say they didn’t do well in high school. Others say that they have been out of school for so long they’ve forgotten how to do well.

I think that these awesome spouses have forgotten that high school is in the past. And since then, they may have gained some really valuable skills by being a military spouse.

Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda…

By Amy Nielsen

Patience, Grasshopper

By Amy Nielsen

Somehow this all seemed easier and less daunting when I was a new college graduate, still wet behind the ears and full of myself.

Now that I am older, and know more about me, I should, in theory at least, be better at taking a calculated risk. Instead, I seem to find myself stepping back from opportunities I would have

plowed forward towards when I was younger.

Nurturing Nature As You Choose a Career

By Amy Nielsen

I am a woman in my mid-forties. I am raising two young girls who are of the age to start to explore what they want to be when they grow up. I also have a stepson who is starting the journey of choosing a college, or not, for his chosen career path. It is an interesting time to be a parent for sure.

If you asked me what I wanted to do for a career when I was a kid, I can say I would have not been able to answer. I had no idea. To some degree, I still don’t. Because, what I am good at isn’t really career or field specific.

A Good Cover Letter Can Help You Stand Out

By Amy Nielsen

When your skills can fit the job descriptions of multiple industries, your resume will look disjointed at best, and unreliable at worst. This is where the art of the cover letter comes into play.  

My particular superpower is logistics. I can organize cats to march out of a paper bag in nice neat lines, in any industry, as long as I know what or who needs to go where and when. To that end I have worked in industries as disparate as a theater, a water treatment lab and a school kitchen.

Location, Location, Location

By Amy Nielsen

I got bitten by a crazy bug after having wild vivid dream a week or so ago. In that dream I saw my new studio space exactly as I want it. So I went looking for the space, the building and place I dreamt I was taking my new class in.

Forget Dreaming of a White Christmas, this Entrepreneur Dreamt Up Her Perfect Career

By Amy Nielsen

Have you ever had that moment when something came to you in a dream so clearly, that no matter how hard you try, you just cannot think of anything else?

The whole picture is exactly as it should be and you know in your core that what you just witnessed, not saw, but witnessed, is your personal calling of destiny?

Sounds totally corny, right? But it happened to me a few nights ago and I want to tell you about it.

Job Title? What’s in a Name

By Amy Nielsen

Last week in school we started working on branding ourselves as our intended profession. In my case, this is in the field of health and wellness. Because of the laws of my state, there are some very specific words I cannot use to describe what it is that I do because these words are the sole domain of licensed practitioners who have a different educational background than I do.

Busted? Looking for a Job, but Didn’t Tell Your Boss?

If your boss caught you red-handed looking for another job, hopefully it wasn’t because you left your resume on the copy machine or she saw your headline change on LinkedIn.

But if it was one of these or any other misfortune, you’ve got some explaining to do. The best thing to do is to be honest.

“Fess up and tell them that you are looking for a new job. But also, tell them why,” said Abby Kohut, human resource professional and contract recruiter ( “If they like you they may try to convince you to stay.”


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