Enjoy Winter Break, Rather Than Stress Over Grades

By Jenna Moede

Winter break and the time for relaxing and resetting has finally arrived. I feel so excited for a break this year, and I can’t wait to re-energize for the New Year.  

During this time of year, as an undergrad student, getting the most out of my time off felt critical because I finally had a second to enjoy life without school. After my last final every semester, I sold my books and organized my notes that I would need later on in college. Once I had gone through my school stuff, I put everything away where I could forget about it.

Seasonal Work May Be Limited This Year

Analysts expect holiday sales to be solid. But retailers, they say, won’t be hiring many extra employees to manage the flow of customers.

Every fall Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., a global outplacement consultancy, releases a holiday hiring outlook. This year the firm expects retailers to hire only the same amount of staff as last year, roughly 755,000 nationwide from October to December.

For comparison, the largest holiday hiring boom came in 1999 when retailers hired an extra 850,000 to manage the gift shopping crowds.

Still Need to Shop? Stores are Open!

And you thought Black Friday shopping was getting out of hand.

This holiday season, retailers are pushing the envelope and many stores will be open 24 hours during the last push before Christmas Day. Some stores will be open as late as 10  p.m. on Christmas Eve.

Industry experts expect sales the weekend before Christmas to hit $10 billion, a billion more than was made on Black Friday this year.

USA Today compiled this list of store's holiday hours for major retailers:

How to focus at work during the holidays

Shopping and parties and presents, oh my!

Gift-giving and holiday merriment on base: Dos and Donts

Marna Ashburn remembers a Christmas party years ago where she and her soldier husband brought a bottle of wine.

And the hosts gave it right back to them.

They didn’t drink alcohol, Ashburn, author of “64 Easy Answers About Etiquette for the Modern Military Spouse,” said.

Freebies for Veterans' Day

On Tuesday the nation will take a moment to pause from work and duty to spend the day honoring our veterans.

There will be parades and ceremonies.

Many national retailers are doing their part to offer extra freebies and savings to veterans that day.

Deb Stanley at Channel 7 News in Denver has compiled an annual list of Veterans' Day freebies that is the most complete and up to date. There will be free meals, free coffee, free car washes and extra discounts at big box retailers, nationwide.

Military Spouses: There from the start


When the Declaration of Independence was signed 236 years ago today, there certainly must have been nervous wives waiting at home.

The colonies were heading to war. And their husbands would soon be on the frontlines.

Spouses of Iraq war veterans know all too well what that call to arms sounds like. Terrorists slammed planes into our cities. Innocent people died. That night, the president rallied us to arms.

For Military Spouses
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