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Homefront Spouse: Settling In

We have been in North Carolina for 10 days. The movers came and went, everything is unpacked and slowly finding a place in our new house. My husband is back in the swing of work and is coming home late every day. 

It's been an exhausting week but we are happy. Tired, but happy. Still, there were definitely bumps along the way.

Warning: PCS Season ahead

Is it really a coincidence that PCS season coincides with hurricane season? Like a storm, a PCS move can turn your world upside down in a very short amount of time.

PCS. The three letters can spell disaster, joy, new opportunities or new hurdles. Most seasoned military wives have had easy PCS and the proverbial PCS from hell. The only constant is that as long as you are a military family, you will, at some point, PCS.

An Ode to a Cubicle

Let me say upfront, I really enjoy working from home.

I am incredibly lucky to have found not just a company I believe in, but who has given me the opportunity to work with co-workers I love, all from the comfort of my kitchen table.

However, I miss my cubicle.

There, I said it.

Deployment Soundtrack: Changes

3 Doors Down, 2002

Preview Song

Nothing is constant, except change.

Deployment Coping

I sat down to e-mail my husband last week. It is my little, daily ritual that sometimes makes me feel like I’m keeping a teenage diary again.

After all, it’s largely a one-way conversation. Often it is weeks, sometimes months, before I get a reply.

We Heart Military Bloggers
Our favorite blog of the month:

The great thing about being a military spouse is that you are never alone. There are thousands of us around the globe who share the same joy and heartbreak that come with life in uniform.

Three Wishes

Spring is a good time to be a military family member. April saw the celebration of the Military Child with activities and programs around the globe. Last Friday marked Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

Deployment Soundtrack: Just for Me
Just for Me

Blues Traveler, 2001

Preview Song

So Mother Army took my sweet soldier away for 12 months. Then, she brought him back and gave him 30 days off. It was wonderful to have him home, but it was a long 30 days.

Homefront Spouse: Sliding Into Home

Our packers arrive tomorrow. This is our PCS week!

I made my to-do lists, organized as best as I could and feel surprisingly calm. I actually had nothing extra to do at one point and even fit in a workout today. It almost doesn’t feel right to be this calm during a move. I hope the week continues like this and the craziness is behind us. 

Busy, Busy, Busy

I got nothing.

I feel like I have nothing to write, nothing to say because I am buried under a giant pile of everything.

There is so much to do that it can be impossible some mornings to decide where to begin. And this morning, I’m feeling just a little lost.


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