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Ahhh. Retirement. No job. No rules. All relaxation.

Not yet.

Before you can stretch out on your backyard hammock, first you apparently spend a good six to 12 months in panic mode as you file paperwork, reconfigure your household budget and hyperventilate just a few times as you ponder the reality of living on that single amount of money. Forever.

Deployment Soundtrack: It's Raining Men
It's Raining Men

The Weather Girls, 1982

Preview Song

It’s raining men.

And gear.

And uniforms.

And socks.

And boots.

Oh, we are so glad to have them home, but wow.

Has it begun for you yet? Is the homecoming honeymoon over?

The College Spouse: Bad habits can be broken, with work

Studying is easy for me. I organize my time wisely and give myself at least an hour every day devoted to my books. It wasn’t always that easy, though.

When I first started my degree, I studied very little or not at all. I believed the best way to pass the big test was to keep the information fresh: wait until the day of the test and cram as much information in as I could.

PCS Season Blues

Another one bites the dust.

Another friend just received PCS orders that her family didn’t expect. So, off to Alaska they will go this June. This announcement comes after a slew of other Facebook posts from people across our community here who are packing up and heading out.

And we are still here.

Your location: love it or hate it, but see it

We have neighbors who have never been to downtown Waikiki.

When we were stationed in South Korea, I had friends who never left the base.

In North Carolina, many military families had no idea that the Atlantic beaches were only about a two-hour drive east.

As someone who loves to travel, the idea of these military families living through a self-induced house arrest absolutely kills me.

I get it. You are not stationed in a pretty place. It’s too expensive. You don’t like it. You’re not interested. You miss home.

Deployment Soundtrack: Unity

Shinedown, 2012

Preview Song

He's home! Yay! Oh crap! What now?

I hope someone besides me is thinking that. If not, I may be closer than I thought to being fitted with my own monogrammed straight jacket.

Navy Cookbook Contest

I would absolutely be lying if I said I didn’t love military contests. There are so many, almost too many, to keep up with on the webpages for the commissary, the library, the gym, etc. And often, there are not a lot of entries, which makes your chance of winning even better.

Spouse, mom, volunteer!

For a split second, I feared for our lives.

My husband, toddlers and I were hunkered down in a tent for a weekend campout. My older son was in his own mini-tent. Six Girl Scouts, including my daughter, were split into two small tents, just footsteps from ours.

Deployment Soundtrack: Welcome home, Bill

Readers, please join me in welcoming home Sarah Young’s husband, Bill, and all the soldiers who are finally in the arms of their loved one this week.

Homefront Spouse:Calming the PCS Panic

Winter on the East Coast has not been kind to our family.

In the last two months we have been hit with the flu, stomach bugs and every respiratory illness in the book. This is my first cold and flu season with two kids and I am now officially a pro at getting a puking kid to the bathroom while simultaneously using one hand to give a squirmy baby a breathing treatment.  


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