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The College Spouse: PCS and Online Education – the ultimate multitasking

Online colleges are great for military spouses who have a busy schedule. I think they are the best and most flexible way to get your degree.

I attended an online college while I was in the Navy. My spouse is also in the Navy and between the two of us we had a very busy work schedule. I was also pregnant with our second child.

Deployment Time is Quiet Time

My husband’s current TDY trip didn’t start out so smoothly for my family. The flu has now completed two laps through every member of my household, the car did break down, my cell phone stopped working a week ago and that schedule I stick my family of five children so tightly to has been shredded. I feel like I haven’t slept in two weeks.

Homefront Spouse: Back to the Drawing Board

I have to admit that I have been struggling to write lately.

My military life has been pretty calm, compared to the usual for military families. Most of my craziness stems from being a stay at home mom of two boys under two and all the chaos that comes with that.

Four ways to give back and heal during the holidays

By Melissa Palmer

Guest Columnist

The holiday season is a time to give and a time to heal. Sometimes the healing comes through the giving.

For example, someone afflicted with a serious illness, such as cancer, makes time to volunteer and support others who are sick. The acts of compassion translate into raising public awareness, bettering one’s self outlook, and becoming an inspiring example for all.

Deployment Soundtrack: I’ll Be Home for Christmas
I'll Be Home For Christmas

Bing Crosbey, 1943

Preview Song

"Sometimes Mother Army gets it right," was the cheerful text that I received last Sunday on my trek home from Fort Campbell, Ky., and my sweet friend was right!

We have known for some time that my sweet soldier would take R&R during the month of December. What we didn't know was that we would get an extra surprise in the process.

The College Spouse: Money for School - Reach out and Grab It!

Going to school is not easy to do. While some people may not consider being a student a job, I think it is.

You have to research the different schools and programs. Decide how this is going to benefit you and your family. Will you grow in your career with this new degree? And then, there is what I worry about the most: how I will pay for school.

Deployment time = Murphy’s Law

Hello Mr. Murphy, so lovely to see you again.

Yep, it’s that time again, my husband is TDY for the month and no sooner had the wheels of his plane lifted off the island and bam! The proverbial poo hit the fan.

Deployment Soundtrack: The Twelve Pains of Christmas
The 12 Pains of Christmas

Bob Rivers, 1994

Preview Song

It is officially the most wonderful time of the year. At least that's what the song tells us.

But for a lot of us, it can be sort of a scary and / or dark time of the year. I’ve written a lot about how to combat sadness, loneliness and any other frustrations deployment brings. What happens when those feeling are made to feel bigger by the holidays? What then?

Homefront Spouse: Love, don’t judge

Our library on base is the hot spot for stay-at-home moms. There is story time for toddlers 3 to 4 days a week and includes music, story time and play time.

Traffic around northern Virginia can be pretty ugly so it’s nice to have a short drive to the library to break up our day. Plus, it’s free and a nice break for me while someone else entertains my boys.

The College Spouse: My goals – I can do it!

When I was young, I wanted to be a ballerina. I twirled around my room in my pink tutu and pretended I was on stage.

Then, I wanted to be a schoolteacher. In high school, and until the time I joined the military, I wanted to be a radio broadcaster. Each dream I had also came with a goal - to be the best I can possibly be.


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