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Tax filing resources for military members

It’s tax time! That’s right, time to figure out how to configure your most recent PCS move, combat pay and file income from two different states, or more!

Military life has its challenges. Tax season may present one of the toughest. Between the extra pay, taxed at different rates, moves between states and collecting paperwork from multiple employers and locations doing your taxes for many military families takes more than a few hours at a computer.

Luckily, there is help.

Large military installations often have a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program where volunteers are trained to help military families navigate tax issues as they file. The lines are long and even they may not know the answers to the trickiest of tax questions so come with all your paperwork and your patience.

Before you go, call ahead to find the location of the tax center, hours of operation, appointment scheduling procedures and a list of documents you will need to bring.

There is also several online tax preparers specifically set up for military members and as an added bonus, many are free.

Military OneSource provides free tax preparation not just for active duty but for their dependents, retired members, spouses of deceased veterans and veterans who have been medically discharged, among others. The service is an online tax preparation program that you enter your information into and then file the finished product for free. Military OneSource does have consultants available for questions by phone and email.

The IRS Free File Software is free to filers whose income is below $64,000.

TaxSlayer will prepare military returns, both federal and state, for a 50 percent discount.

TurboTax software is free for E1 – E5. E-6 and above can purchase the software at a discount.

If you don’t want to mess with any forms or filling, many local tax preparers located outside the gate of your local base will also offer a military discount. Don’t be afraid to ask!

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