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List shows, Bryant & Stratton College Online is a good choice

The toughest part of going back to school may be choosing the school.

There are a lot of colleges vying for the plentiful GI Bill dollars that service members and their spouses are entitled to.

There are a lot of promises made, and a lot of deals that seem just too good to be true.

Rest assured, Bryant & Stratton College is the real deal.

The school is once again on the list of Military Friendly Schools published annually by Victory Media and G.I. Jobs Magazine.

Deployment Soundtrack: Don't Stop Believin' 3.0

 Don’t Stop Believin’

            Journey, 1981

            Preview Song

My alarm went off at 4 a.m. That is an hour earlier than normal and it was Saturday.

There are so many things wrong with that last sentence, that I don’t even know where to begin. Today is the big day. I have trained. I have hydrated. Most importantly, I have picked out the perfect outfit.

Homefront Spouse: Time at home is a gift

I must admit, I feel a little guilty starting this whole blogging thing, especially writing about my “domestic deployment”.

For the last five years all we have known is deployments, working up for deployments or training for them.  Currently, my husband is going through a 10-month-long career level school. Everyone says its great family time. Don’t get me wrong, he works his normal long hours and has hours of homework, reading and term paper writing each night and on the weekend. But regardless of the long hours, he’s still home.

The College Spouse: Wife, mom, student – it’s all in the breathing

The best advice I can give you, is to breathe.

I know it may sound kind of simple, but with all the hustle and bustle I do before 6:30 a.m., sometimes if I don't stop and take even a five-second breath I will literally pass out. As a spouse, mom and student, let’s just say every minute of free time is precious to me. I try to keep the same routine and manage my time but there's always going to be a day when time is not going to be your friend. I have them and I know most moms do too.

Beware, reporters are everywhere!

To be fair, the command sergeant major did say he was available for questions.

He probably didn't count on having a spouse in the audience who was also a reporter.

At the Signal Corps Ball last week, the guest speaker, a command sergeant major, addressed the crowd and offered to answer questions afterwards. When he did, I leaned into my husband and said, ‘I’m going in’. He sighed and said, “I know.”

Deployment Soundtrack: Drift Away

          Drift Away

        Uncle Kracker, 2002

             Preview Song

When my sweet friend, Allison, asked me to blog my way through this deployment, I thought, 'This is a year-long deployment! How will I ever figure out what to write every week? What is it that is going to get me through this deployment?'

Homefront Spouse: The Friend Dating Game

We haven’t PCS’d in over four years and I feel like I am totally out of the “friend” dating game. 

That’s exactly how it feels, like dating. I am so glad I already have a husband because my game is weak. I find myself stalking the park to see when someone is out playing with their kids, going to the children’s library and giving a sympathetic eye in the commissary to a mom whose little one is acting up.  

New semester, new columnist

I love the first day of school: new clothes, fresh, crisp, white sheets of paper in your notebook, refreshed hopes and goals.

Military families experience a lot of first days of school, in a lot of new schools as they PCS around the globe.

And though walking through that new door for the very first time can be nerve-wracking, the friends you make on the other side are always worth that difficult first step.

Have dress, do not want to travel

Unlike Cinderella, I was dreading attending the ball.

On Friday night, my husband and I attended the Signal Corps ball in Honolulu. In college, I counted the days until my then-boyfriend came to sweep me away to his military college ball. The gowns, the decorations, the flowers, oh my!

Now, as a mom of five with a pile of laundry as high as my countertops, stealing away for a Friday night was seriously cutting into my chore time.

Deployment Soundtrack: 100 Years

           100 Years

        Blues Traveler, 1990

             Preview Song

Last week I shared with you about taking a deep breath and starting over when you feel like things are getting to be too much. When we are under this amount of stress for this long it is difficult to get past hurt feelings.


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