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Deployment Soundtrack: Good Times

         Good Times

            Chic, 1977

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The College Spouse: Who has time for midterm exams?

Do you ever feel like there are not enough hours in the day? Well this week, I am feeling exactly that. It is midterm week, and I have two. Thankfully, my college has two quarters as opposed to one semester. That makes studying easier with just two full-time classes to juggle each quarter as opposed to four in a semester. But that also makes the classes move along at a faster pace. Add that work in with everything else that’s going on this week and I feel like I am doing all I can to keep up.

The Amazing Military Spouse

About 48 hours into the deployment, Murphy’s Law supplanted itself into my friend’s life. Her husband had been gone about two days when the pain in her hips got so bad that she scheduled an MRI. 

The tech examined her hips, searching for the source of the pain and found a “thing” on her spine instead. Docs called and demanded she return to the hospital, immediately, for another look.

Four MRIs later, she was told her spinal cord was sitting outside of its protective shell and completely exposed. This is not good.

Deployment Soundtrack: Running on Empty

   Running On Empty

    Jackson Browne, 1977

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The College Spouse: Life, interrupted - again


Editor's Blog: Beware where you swear

Beware, dear reader, for I’m going to swear. A lot.

You, I can warn. The general's wife who stumbled across me pitching a fit last month had no such luxury.

Lucky for me, she had an excellent sense of humor.

Deployment Soundtrack: Hold On Loosely

     Hold On Loosely

         .38 Special, 1981

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The College Spouse:To use or not to use his GI Bill

When people ask me how I am paying for school, I have no problem telling them that I am using my husband’s GI Bill. Thanks to the Post 9-11 GI Bill, my husband was eligible to transfer part of that benefit to me and it truly has been a gift.

The Paper Trail

PCS season is upon us. Do you know where your paperwork is?

If there is one thing I have learned as an Army spouse, paperwork trumps all else at any time and in any place.

Checking in to a military hospital to have a baby? Better have the paperwork from your doc and your ID card.

Trying to renew your ID card or sign your kid up for the once a week dance class on base, while your husband is deployed? Better have orders in hand and a power of attorney.

Deployment Soundtrack: Someone Saved My Life Tonight

     Someone Saved      My Life Tonight

         Elton John, 1975

            Preview Song

I love my children, but some days there is not enough duct tape on the planet to keep them in line. We have been out of school for two weeks and I have had enough of the whining, complaining and fit throwing that seems to come with not being on the school schedule.


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