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Deployment Soundtrack: Thank You
Thank You

Alanis Morrisette, 1998

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Homefront Spouse: A Military Wife Cinderella

Showered and spit-up free...

It’s my favorite time of year. Not only are the holidays just around the corner, but also this month marks a celebration for our family- the Marine Corps birthday. It’s a time to celebrate, reflect on the past year and bond with peers as well as remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and are no longer with us.  

The College Spouse: Grades!

Midterms are almost over and grades are coming in. This is when I am the most nervous. My mind is filled with questions: Have I studied enough? Could I have done more? 

The tough marriage conversation

The recent admission of an extramarital affair by Gen. David Petraeus is shocking to civilians. Soldiers pledge to be steadfast, honorable and loyal. The thought of such sleazy, undercover dealings seems uncharacteristic.

We are Thankful

Today, there will be no grandparents to squeeze my children tight. There will be no slaps on the back from annoying cousins or nasty looks from prying in-laws. We will gather around our Thanksgiving Day table with no family … by blood.

Homefront Spouse: Life is Precious

This is not the blog I had intended for today but there are a few stories I have come across which I feel I must share with my fellow military spouses.

The College Spouse: Need to relieve stress? Step one, manage your daily schedule

When it’s time to register for classes, the first thing I think about is finding the courses that best fit both my home schedule and my military life schedule.

To make sure I am able to pick up the kids from school, I take morning and early afternoon classes. Sometimes that means a class I really need, that is offered in the afternoon, will have to wait until another semester when it is offered at a different time.

Living paycheck to paycheck? You can fix that

If you had to come up with $1,000 right now for an emergency, could you do it?

If you had to save $1,000 in the next two months for an emergency, could you?

The military has a contingency plan for every scenario imaginable. But when those same soldiers head home at night, often the most long-term plan their families have made is what is being served for dinner.

That’s the findings of Gary Ward, retired Navy chief and certified financial planner and owner of Government Personnel Financial Services in Aiea, Hawaii.

Deployment Soundtrack: Breathe

Faith Hill, 1999

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My Dearest Sweet Soldier,

Thank you for your service to our country. Thank you for being the tip of the spear. Thank you for standing in the gap for those who can't.

Homefront Spouse: I Am Thankful

With the start of the holiday season, I have started a month long challenge to write down something I am thankful for each day. As a military spouse, it is easy to get on the “Bitter Betty Bandwagon” as I call it and forget about the small things in life that I am lucky to have. More than anything, this challenge has helped me keep perspective on what matters most.

Along with the rest of the East Coast, we prepared for Hurricane Sandy.  As this historic storm roared in, my oldest son developed a high fever and sore throat. It all just seemed like crappy timing. 


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