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Incubating my Business Plan

By Amy Nielsen

I had signed up for this retreat almost eight months ago. In fact, I signed up for it with the intention of using it as a launching pad for the first part of my health and wellness mentoring journey. I was really looking forward to the experience. It centered on a topic dear to my heart, was taught by and shared with some exceptional women in a location I love deeply.

The Grief of Miscarriage

By Christine Cioppa


“Maybe your baby is watching over you now,” consoled a family member.

 I thought I had a reason to be confident about my last pregnancy. A heartbeat, however faint, was picked up at 6.5 weeks. I was elated.

National Companies Hiring Military Spouses

PCS is over. The boxes are unpacked. The kids are on their way to a new school.

You are still searching for a job.

If you have dropped a resume at every local employer you can find, try visiting some lesser known, and some well-known, national companies.

The editors at have comprised a list of national companies that are committed to hiring military spouses. Most of these organizations have locations in every state, cover every field imaginable and need part-time and full-time employees.

Daydreams and Time Management

By Amy Nielsen

I feel a bit like a magpie with a shiny new button to examine. The last month of travel has opened my eyes to possibilities that I never felt I had the chops to pursue.

The most important lesson I learned is that I am totally capable, even in my rusted state, of running any kitchen anywhere as a chef with no real help coming from any side other than my own backside. I felt powerful. Large and in charge. Within myself fully. And it felt great.

Is Striving for Perfection Healthy?

By Christine Cioppa

Are you a perfectionist? Whether it’s with goals for classes, sports, or something else, you’re probably a perfectionist if you:

Talent Communities: Become an Insider Before You Get Hired

If you're a savvy job hunter who knows that 80 percent of job vacancies are filled through networking before they ever "hit the street" then you are probably already networking through family, friends, professional associations, college alumni, volunteering and social media. But, are you tapping into talent communities? If not, start now. In a few minutes you could be directly connected to an employer whose team you've been dying to join.


After the Storm, Setting a Path Forward

By Amy Nielsen

I saw a meme yesterday, in the middle of a space cadet moment, while writing this blog.

It said: “I love planners, highlighters, giant calendars, nice ball point pens, to do lists, and anything else that gives me the illusion that I am getting my [stuff] together.”

Some days, those memes get it just right.

Where to Find the School Supply Deals

By Christine Cioppa


It’s that time of year to start stocking up on ink, paper, pens and other supplies for the start of a new semester or school year—for both ourselves and our kids. Checking the weekly circulars for hot deals in your local area can help. But a little online digging can get you even more good deals. Here are a few ways to keep more money in your pocket this fall and throughout the year.


1 Cent Paper Reams

DOD Virtual Education Fair is Tomorrow! Register Now

Have questions about your education benefits? Not sure what schools are most military friendly?

Tomorrow the Department of Defense is hosting an online education fair to answer those questions.

The fair is from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST, Aug. 11.

Organizers say this is the second installation of the pilot program and is intended to make higher education more accessible to military members, veterans and family members.

You must register to participate but registration will be open throughout the event.

When Your Dream Job Falls Apart

By Amy Nielsen 

I am not really sure how to describe what is going through my head right now. In the past week I have felt higher highs and lower lows than I have ever in my life; including the phone call telling me of the death of my father in a car crash; including the possible still-birth of our second child while my husband was deployed to Afghanistan without communication home.


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