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December Job Fairs - Holidays are for Merriment and Networking

The holidays are here! What better time to network with friends and families as you gather for holiday parties and fun!

A recent survey by Linkedin showed that 85 percent of respondents secured their current job through networking. Similar surveys have had similar results. The lesson: if you need a job, talk to others!

Creating Circles of Contacts

By Amy Nielsen

In my business I am fortunate enough to be able to recommend products and services to my clients. I don’t direct sell a product. What I sell is my time, my gathered information and my network. I have started to look more closely at how I choose who, and what, I recommend to my clients.

Online vs Campus Learning

By Jenna Moede

As military spouses, we face even more difficult decisions about college than most people.  Often times we have to make decisions not only based on where we currently live but also on where we could live. 

This makes deciding on the right college even more difficult.  And, we have to choose not just a school but whether to attend on campus or online.

I have attended college both on campus and online, and I want to share the good, the bad and the ugly of both choices.

Stepping Into Action

By Amy Nielsen

We are now halfway through the courses at the career school I attend. This week’s lecture addressed the business of our business. Exactly how to do what we are learning how to do.

Working for the greater good.

By Amy Nielsen

We are on the eve of Election Day here in the U.S. Normally, I talk about the human side of getting a business off the ground. Today I want to talk about where your business fits into the greater good. This is not going to be a discussion of the U.S. election. It is a discussion about our role as global citizens.

Tricare Improves Mental Health and SUD Coverage

By Christine Cioppa

The Department of Defense (DoD) has essentially said “We got your six!” with the passing of a new rule that improves mental health care access and expands treatment for alcohol, drug and pain pill use disorders.   

Retiring? Be Ready for Uncle Sam to Dump Your Stuff

At some point in the future, three different moving vans will show up at my house delivering 16,000 pounds of household goods that are currently in storage in Virginia, Massachusetts and Kansas.

I dread that day. My 14-year-old put it pretty aptly when he said, “It’ll be like Christmas, but with a ton of crap.”

Learning and Networking

By Amy Nielsen

I live in an area of the country that has a great concentration of interesting people. Many of them work in the alternative health and wellness field. As this is my chosen track, I am always on the lookout for opportunities to take small classes in intimate settings with renowned and esteemed practitioners who choose to give back to the community through free or low cost classes and lectures.

Why Earn a Degree? This is Why

By Jenna Moede

Why spend my time getting a degree? I can’t tell you how many times I asked myself that question in my last semester of school, while staring at quiz questions that I just couldn’t remember answers to. 

I could think of a lot of reasons to give up at the time. Now, that I have earned my bachelor’s degree, I can think of many reasons to get one, especially as a military spouse.

Pre-Holiday Weeks a Great Time to Job Hunt

The coming of Thanksgiving and Christmas means more than turkey and presents. It means jobs. And lots of them.

Retailers expect to add as many holiday jobs as they did last year, over 738,000 across the nation. The difference this year is that many of those positions are shifting from the checkout line to the warehouse.

As retailers continue to see an uptick in online shopping, they must meet that demand with more employees at call centers, warehouses and on delivery routes.


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