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States Move to Close Salary Gap

Several states have enacted legislation this summer to close the pay gap between men and women.

This week Massachusetts made it illegal for job seekers to tell potential employers their current salary. Instead, employers must make an offer first, based on the individual’s worth to the company. It is the first state to enact this type of law.

Greetings From the Other Side of the Moon

I think we can safely say that I am about as far from where I was when I started writing this blog. As if I were on the dark side of the moon.

I was a mom, going back to school. Almost overnight I became a chef’s assistant, traveling the country.

Then, my job fell apart hours before we were supposed to leave due to logistical issues. However, it was an amicable split, with the chef understanding the vast insurmountable technical issues we were going to continue to have running the tour the way he had originally intended.

Is Studying with a Computer or Cell Phone Hurting Your Eyes?

By Christine Cioppa

It’s been drilled into our heads that UV light is bad for our eyes, so we wear sunglasses outdoors. Now, we’re hearing the same about computer blue light. Blue light does, in fact, affect vision, but what’s fact and what’s myth?


Blue light affects vision

Retirement Bliss Awaits, Be Aware of the Unexpected Reality Checks

The retirement process can be a tricky one, between all the paperwork, figuring out your finances, looking for a job and finding a place to live.

Most of the basic information is covered in the transition briefs that service members are required to attend, and, with a little digging, other basic facts can be found on the internet.

How to turn your life upsidedown, in one easy lesson

By Amy Nielsen

August Job Fairs

If you PCS’d this summer you’ve probably unpacked your boxes and settled into your new quarters.

Why not start looking for a new job?

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation continues to host hiring fairs across the country every month that are open only to military members and their spouses.

These companies know the skills that military spouses grow over their many moves and career changes and are looking to have them join their companies, even if for just a short while.

So, dig out that resume and your best outfit. You may just find the perfect job.

New Job, New Life – Bring it!

By Amy Nielsen

I am rarely speechless. It is almost unfathomable to try to describe what has just happened in my life. The best way I can think to describe it is: paradigm shift.

I honestly thought this blog would be the easiest thing in the world to write. It's turning out to be the hardest thing I have written yet. I can’t focus on any one aspect because every single aspect of my life has changed. Every. Single. One.

Lessons Learned from Military Wifehood

I was young when I married my soldier, a week before my 23nd birthday. I would also say that I was confident, positive, energetic, and just a little clueless. I loved life and couldn’t wait to grab it by the horns.

Not much has changed about me since then, or at least I like to think. But there are a few important lessons I learned along the way that helped me build on who I was and become who I am.

The ten most important lessons I’ve learned as a military spouse, in no particular order:

Job Performance Reviews: Control Your Conversations, Control Your Career

Does your stomach sink at the thought of getting through your annual performance appraisal? Well, you may soon be in for relief.

In December 2015, the Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology announced the top ten work place trends for 2016. Coming in at number four, according to more than 700 members of the organization, is the changing nature of performance management and development.


By Amy Nielsen


This is unexpected and out of the blue. This particular job is not just any job either. It is a logistical nightmare in the making – just the way us military spouses like it.

Within the next three weeks I have to go on a weeklong business trip, have several medical tests and procedures, sort out a nanny for my daughters, and figure out how to get a new pair of riding boots to match my kilts before August first.

Boots! In July! Are you kidding me!?


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