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Scare Up a Job this Fall

Looking for extra money but not necessarily a commitment to a long-term job?

Fall is the season of everything pumpkin spice but it also marks the start of interviews for seasonal jobs. Even large, national retailers who need extra help stocking shelves for Christmas and managing long Black Friday shopping lines begin their employee search now.

First up, is Halloween. Haunted house industry experts, yes, they exist, estimate there are more than 2,000 haunted venues around the nation that all need employees willing to wear weird makeup, scream and run after folks with a chainsaw.

Acting is the number one requirement for haunted house employees. Both that and being willing to work late nights.

Experts say many of the seasonal haunting jobs are filled by white-collar professionals who sit in an office by day and use the late night gigs as boosts to their acting resume or an outlet for their creativity.

The bigger venues also hire makeup artists to help outfit the temporary ghouls. A search on most national job search websites, such as Indeed and Monster bring up not just locally owned houses but also national attractions such as Six Flags.

The median hourly wage for haunted amusement workers is roughly $9, though the bigger the city, the bigger the haunted venue, the bigger the pay. Experts expect the field to grow every year.

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