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Embrace the Monday

By Jenna Moede

I love Mondays.

Wait! Don’t quit reading just yet though. Stick with me.

I used to jump on the anti-Monday bandwagon, and I’ve seen the memes and heard my friends complain because, I know, I know, no one likes a Monday.

But, imagine enjoying a Monday, or two Mondays or EVERY Monday.

It worked for me. Let me explain.

I love Mondays now because they represent a new week. Monday feels like a do-over to me. I know Sunday really begins the next week, but honestly, Monday always feels like the first day of a new week to me.

Each new week, I know that I can’t change anything that happened the previous week so I don’t dwell on it. I let the past go and start with a clean slate.

I look at Monday as a wonderful opportunity to fix the mistakes I made the prior week, alter my routine to better fit my needs, and start fresh with the people I care about.

The feeling of starting over each week makes me feel so happy.

That leads me into another reason I love Mondays. I go into Mondays completely caught up on chores, work and school because I play catch-up on Sunday. That means that Monday brings an organized life and a stocked fridge.  

I dread grocery shopping so much that sometimes some eggs sit alone in fridge, so on the weekends, I usually, finally and desperately stock my shelves. Before I do, my meals at the end of the week look like something out of Willy Wonka. Chicken alfredo with a side of licorice anyone?  

But, I digress. At the end of the day, I know I can’t beat the feeling I have when I have organized and finished all the “to-dos.”

Lastly, I enjoy Mondays because a whole clean new week means a whole set of new opportunities. I know every week brings a new set of challenges, but I really enjoy a challenge.

Like the time I played BINGO in a college class without any chips for the O’s and had no idea until no one had BINGO for about 30 minutes.

But really I do enjoy pushing myself to achieve all that I can, try activities that scare me and go so far out of my comfort zone I can’t see it anymore.

I see Monday as the prime day to promise to do all of those things. I can forget any previous failures and start from the ground up again.

Likewise, I can continue building on success I’ve had previously too. 

Monday doesn’t always have to mean starting over. Every Monday, start thinking creatively about how to make a good project, assignment, business or routine better. Don’t hold back!

So if you want to really enjoy every Monday you wake up to, try to start with a good attitude. I know from experience that it’s awfully hard to come back from a cranky Monday attitude coupled with spilling coffee on your work clothes and forgetting it’s garbage day so don’t let it start out that way for you.

Let the bad roll of your back and embrace the good. Make someone else’s day better by your cheery mood. We all know a person who could use a laugh on a Monday or just a smile, so try to do that for someone you know. Not only will it help them, but you’ll feel happier too.

Never feel discouraged on Sunday night because you have to go back to the grindstone, push yourself to learn and accomplish all that you can, face your fears and set out confidently as the best version of yourself.

I’ve heard that if you can change your attitude, you can change your life. I think that even if you don’t dislike Monday’s, you can probably do something to make them even better. I challenge myself to that every single week, and I can honestly say my life has changed.

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