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Carpe Diem!

By Jenna Moede

Seize the day, right? I’ve heard it a million times as I know you probably have too, but I agree with it when it comes to college.

People get so hung up on the concept of time when they decide whether to go back to school. They have so many concerns and fears that it becomes overwhelming and ultimately, they decide not to pursue their degree.

But timing doesn’t have to control everything.

If I wait for the perfect time for everything, I will never accomplish anything because in my life the stars don’t typically align so that everything turns out perfectly.

I know a lot of people hope to keep a traditional school schedule - start in the fall and end in the spring.

If you have that mindset, seize the day! I feel fall peeking around the corner already so don’t put it off another year.

I’ve noticed that people with this mindset seem to push their goals to the backburner and let fall after fall go by without starting school.

If a traditional schedule matters to you, apply now. Start the admission process so that you can have everything set and ready with no surprises by the time the semester starts.

Admission doesn’t happen overnight so don’t waste your summer saying you’ll go back but then when push comes to shove let it go because you didn’t turn everything in on time.

It comes down to this: if not now, when? You could put it off another year, but I really want you to ask yourself what will change between now and then before you stall your goals.

Age stops a lot of people from applying too. A lot of spouses married their service members at young ages often at the same time their friends were beginning college.

While many college students pull all-nighters and pursue their dreams, military spouses deal with the challenges of moving, working, and maintaining balance. The sheer number of items on the to do list causes many spouses to put off thinking about college until after the stereotypical period of directly after high school.

That wait scares a lot of students off. They might never come out and say that they feel uncomfortable as the oldest in class, they feel rusty at studying or just that too much time has gone by, but they do find other reasons about why they have to wait.

If that’s you, think about what will change in another year. Will you be younger next year? Will your goals and dreams change?

Also, don’t forget that the average age of college students has increased according to recent studies so maybe you will meet other students in a similar boat!

I’ve watched several of my close friends graduate with their Master’s degrees since we’ve all finished our Bachelor’s, and I can’t help but feel left behind.

I always wanted to finish my Master’s degree, but it feels weird to start after so many people I knew from high school and college have already finished.

As much as I want to let this time excuse win, I’ve decided to quit letting timing dictate what I want. I will start my Master’s this fall. Will you join me for your certificate or degree?

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